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Home Extensions Sydney

Home Extensions have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners who prefer to stay in their location while needing more space. It’s a very cost-effective option suited to changes in lifestyle such as:

  • Growing young family or teenagers needing more space
  • Multigenerational living with grandparents or caring for the elderly
  • Home office or running a business from home
  • Extra room for boarders or entertaining guests
  • Wanting to alter an older style floor plan to create more spacious modern areas

The advantage to having a Home Extension extends beyond cost-effectiveness. This option allows homeowners to stay in their current home without the headache of relocating or selling. Other benefits include:

  • Growing the value of your property
  • Expected increase in land value if you stay in a desirable neighbourhood
  • Staying in the comfort of your own home
  • No need to deal with packing, searching, or real-estate agents
  • Savings of removal fees, agent commissions and extra expenses associated with moving/ selling
  • Minimal disruption to your daily routine

Sydney Carpentry and Constructions are specialists in Home Extensions when it comes to creating more space in your home. Whether it be replacing a wall with beams or completely altering the layout of your home to cater for the extension, the Sydney Carpentry and Constructions team has the ability, knowledge, experience and understanding to design your home extension which not only will enhance the property both visually and practically, but will also create more usable and functional spaces to suit your specific needs.

Ground Floor Extensions is a flexible and versatile option to add space to your existing home. This normally involves the least required alterations and is one of the most time efficient ways to extend your home on the same level.

This is best suited to a home with more land or backyard space that can be spared for the project. The extension can be added to the rear, side, or front of the home depending on the size and design of the property. Common extensions on existing levels include:

  • Extra living room / rumpus room/
  • Added bedroom including walk-in wardrobe and ensuite
  • Extension of the rear area for entertainment space or extra kitchen
  • Granny flat extensions with added facilities and/ or separate entry.

For a property with less land space, or for homeowners looking to gain a view with a higher level, then a Second Storey Extension is a recommended choice. This also allows for an extension of an area as large as the existing home subject to design, without the loss of backyard area. Extensions for an extra level can include:

  • Altering the lower floor for more living space while adding bedrooms above
  • Adding a ‘second home’ on the higher floor with living room, kitchenette, bath and bedrooms
  • Balcony for outdoor enjoyment and views
  • Creating a ‘parents/ teens’ retreat, or designated guest quarters

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